Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to ensuring my prints were top notch! I have to say, your customer service is exemplary! I enter prints in National and International photography competitions, and before using your service I had only occasional success entering A4-sized prints. It starts to get expensive to print images larger than that, but that’s where PhotoEnlargements came in. Thanks to your affordable prices, I was able to print my images at 18” x 12”, and not only were the prints very reasonably priced, they were of excellent quality. I recently entered 11 of the prints in the 2015 Maitland International Salon of Photography. I was delighted when I learnt a whopping NINE of them were accepted into the exhibition! In the Nature Print category I won the APS Gold Medal, as well as a Certificate of Merit, which was amazing. Also, in the recent 2015 VIGEX International Photographic Print Salon I had 6 out of 12 prints accepted. I would not have been able to achieve such fantastic results without your wonderful service – your help was greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


Hi Paul and Annemaree, As you know I have used your services for many years. In fact I have used your services exclusively for competition images since Maggies Smith first introduced me to you probably in about 2005.

And as you know my work is prolific not necessarily good, just prolific.

Anyway I take a lot of images, and I still enjoy it and when you are 71 years old it is pretty important to have a real interest in life.

I believe my competitiveness has lessened over time, but I still try and support the local clubs by entering in their competitions, e.g. Nationals.

This year I entered the Pakenham National and although I did horribly in the digital competition, it turns out I was the Most Successful Exhibitor in Prints.

One Best Print, one second, 3 Merits and a total of 15 print acceptances.

So thank you Paul and your team not only do you achieve your Mission Statement but you also produce quality work as well that is certainly what the judges at the 10th Pakenham National thought.

Keep up the good work, thanks .


Just a thank you for the great service. I downloaded yesterday and they arrived this morning. Blown away. I still canâ??t believe they arrived so quickly and the quality is excellent. Thanks again for the amazing service

Ken Caldwell President Easts Photography Club FCC Vice President

Just received my order and can I say how THRILLED I am with the quality??? FANTASTIC!! I am studying photography and will be touting your wares to all my fellow students and anyone else who’ll listen. I heard about you through a student friend of mine. Have to say we get pushed a lot of product and services so, after a while, you get a bit over it – especially when the service and quality is a bit average. BUT YOU GUYS ROCK BIG FLUFFY THINGS!! Well done on identifying your niche market and delivering above the expectation. Now to frame these babies…. Cheers and smiles

Sharon J