Many thanks,

I have used your services previously and every time I receive the prints so fast Your speed of processing orders is absolutely fantastic,it is almost like I printed them myself.





Hi Jimmy,

Order arrived yesterday afternoon with the prints in, I can’t get over the quality, it is amazing!

Thank you so much for all of your help, from my initial enquiry, all the way to submitting my order, it is greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to thank Terri Michelle for her help with the prints, they came out a little darker than I had hoped (that is 100% on me), and Terri Michelle was kind enough to give me some hints and tips on brightening the darker areas of the image, without blowing everything else out.

Will end up getting another (brighter) copy printed in a couple of weeks, as I’m that impressed with the quality of the print that I have decided to get it framed.

Thanks again for your help, and I look forward to placing many more orders.

With Kindest Regards




Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to ensuring my prints were top notch! I have to say, your customer service is exemplary! I enter prints in National and International photography competitions, and before using your service I had only occasional success entering A4-sized prints. It starts to get expensive to print images larger than that, but that’s where PhotoEnlargements came in. Thanks to your affordable prices, I was able to print my images at 18” x 12”, and not only were the prints very reasonably priced, they were of excellent quality. I recently entered 11 of the prints in the 2015 Maitland International Salon of Photography. I was delighted when I learnt a whopping NINE of them were accepted into the exhibition! In the Nature Print category I won the APS Gold Medal, as well as a Certificate of Merit, which was amazing. Also, in the recent 2015 VIGEX International Photographic Print Salon I had 6 out of 12 prints accepted. I would not have been able to achieve such fantastic results without your wonderful service – your help was greatly appreciated. Thanks again.




Just a thank you for the great service. I downloaded yesterday and they arrived this morning. Blown away. I still can’t believe they arrived so quickly and the quality is excellent. Thanks again for the amazing service

Ken Caldwell President Easts Photography Club FCC Vice President



Just received my order and can I say how THRILLED I am with the quality??? FANTASTIC!! I am studying photography and will be touting your wares to all my fellow students and anyone else who’ll listen. I heard about you through a student friend of mine. Have to say we get pushed a lot of product and services so, after a while, you get a bit over it – especially when the service and quality is a bit average. BUT YOU GUYS ROCK BIG FLUFFY THINGS!! Well done on identifying your niche market and delivering above the expectation. Now to frame these babies…. Cheers and smiles

Sharon J